Locksmith Project App Prototype

A locksmith company approached me to prototype a custom job management application. They currently have a manual process with on-site locksmiths taking handwritten notes about job requirements. This makes it more difficult for them to share information and validate job specs.

We discussed building a custom web application that could run on tablets and allow those handwritten notes to be digitised and database driven.

I created a basic working prototype of this workflow. The prototype takes uploaded images of handwritten notes and uses the Google Cloud Platform image processing APIs to derive digital data.

This can then be shared, archived and edited in the future or by support staff in the office.

The Processed Image

Prototype web application. This shows an uploaded handwritten image being processed into digital ‘blocks’ paragraphs of usable data.


This project was to use web based technology with a view to running on iPads with pencil support for written notes.

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript frontend for flexibility and ease of deployment (no need to submit to the App stores for review)
  • A Laravel PHP backend to manage the dataflow and database
  • Google Cloud APIs for image processing and cloud image storage. This would allow the image archive to remain available in a cost effective and robust way.