HadCoffee – Specialty Coffee Web App

HadCoffee is a web app for finding and tracking specialty coffee shops.

I built this project using a Laravel PHP & MySQL backend, and Vue frontend. It’s built around a database of curated specialty coffee shops and lets users search by location (either near to their current location or somewhere else), shortlist cafes, and rate the coffees they have.

I did the full stack development including design, testing and CI setup. The app has a Brisbane focus for now, but will expand into other areas over time.

You can read more about this projects development history and process on its development blog: blog.hadcoffee.com

PathFinder Backend PHP Development

PathFinder is a tool by RealWell designed to help educators find programs to support students with their particular challenges. The PathFinder tool for educators is a searchable database of these programs.

Web Application Development

My work involved the backend PHP application development. The goal was to let users search for the most relevant programs against a set of criteria and add them to personal their bookmarks.

I developed a custom Laravel application to search and rank these programs against the educator’s needs. Professional users of the app would specify a range of criteria such as the age range of their students, the particular issues they need help with and the context in which the training programs would be delivered.

The PathFinder application would then rank programs agains that criteria to show the most relevant matches and allow users to bookmark those results in their own collection.

The search logic is able to apply different weight to each search criteria, allowing the algorithm to be adjusted to favour some requirements more heavily.

Common Login System

In addition to the core features , I also built a common login system that will allow the organisation to have a single sign on location with users then able to connect to different RealWell applications. This will simplify their navigation through the RealWell tools and reduce the complexity of managing login credentials for each app.

(Frontend design was performed by another agency. My role was backend PHP development work)


I designed and developed MySquash.pro as a self-initiated project, both to learn more about the Laravel PHP Framework and as a tool I would use myself as a squash player.

MySquash.pro is a mobile-friendly web app that lets squash players track their results and keep notes about their matches and opponents to help them win more. The ‘gamification’ aspect of a seeing a streak of wins on the home page also helps keep players motivated to keep the streak going.